The experience accumulated over many years shows that milk processing traditions in Jaunpils are ancient and stable. The company was founded in 1912.

The main activity of the Jaunpils Dairy is the production of cottage cheese, sour cream and cheese. Cheeses belong to the group of semi-hard cheeses, they have an elastic, plastic texture and irregularly shaped eyes throughout the mass. Cottage cheese is produced according to ancient Latvian traditions.

Our products have always attracted their customers with hight quality. It is not one of the cheapest Latvian products, but its price corresponds to the quality and the buyers appreciate it.

On February 27, 2020, the Latvian agricultural services cooperative "Piena Ceļš" and the Estonian dairy cooperative EPIIM merged to create SCE EPIIM. The task of the cooperative will be the creation of a common milk collection system, efficient milk processing in a powerful company and export of finished products to world markets in order to increase the purchase price of milk to the EU average.

Our cooperative has more than 200 members - milk producers from Estonia and Latvia, who provide about 450 - 500 tons of milk for processing at our factories in Põltsamaa, Järva-Jaani and Jaunpils.


The plant in Põltsamaa is the largest cheese producer in Estonia, the factory in Jaunpils is the largest producer of curd products in Latvia, and the Järva-Jaani factory is the only enterprise in Estonia producing demineralized whey powder. 


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