One of the first dairy producers unions in Latvia – Jaunpils Dairy Producers Union – was founded in 1912. The first dairy plant was constructed in the same year.

The main product produced by the Union was butter for export, cheese and technical cottage cheese.

In 1937 the foundation-stone for the existing dairy plant of Jaunpils was walled in.

After World War II the dairy plant was demolished, the operation was re-established only in 1947.

Over the years dairy plant of Jaunpils has been a part of different large integrated plants (combines) – Riga Dairy Plant, Jelgava Dairy Plant and Tukuma Dairy Plant.

In 2001 dairy plant of Jaunpils separated from the large plants and a new JSC “Jaunpils pienotava” (transl. - dairy plant of Jaunpils) was established.

In 2008 Cooperative Society of Agricultural Services CSAS ‘Piena ceļš’ (transl. – milky way) got the ownership of JSC ‘Jaunpils pienotava’. And even though in 2008 a crisis started in Latvia the new shareholders owing to high quality and regular milk supply were able to ensure full utilization of production capacities.

Since JSC ‘Jaunpils pienotava’ is a subsidiary company of the CSAS ‘Piena ceļš’ there are resources invested in development resulting in reconstruction of production sites, setting up new and modern production equipment, construction of new warehouse for the finished product and materials.

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