About the company

The company started its operation in 1912. Traditions of milk processing in Jaunpils are long and stable.

The company fully complies with requirements of the European Union, Russia and other countries, allowing products to be sold not only in Latvian but also beyond its borders – in Russia, Lithuania, Germany, Israel, USA, UK.

The company’s logo shows a castle and the rising sun behind it - the idea of a more beautiful tomorrow! The logo symbolizes and celebrates the place where the products of Jaunpils are made.

Jaunpils (literally translating - Newcastle) is a district in Latvia in which among other sightseeing objects there are also historical sites like the Jaunpils Castle (Baron von Recke Castle) built in 1301. This is the castle that is shown on the logo of the company. 

The main activity of JSC “Jaunpils pienotava” (transl. - dairy plant of Jaunpils) is manufacturing cheese and cottage cheese. Company’s products are following:

• Cheese (Kurzemes, Bauskas, Mednieku (transl. - hunter’s), Pikantais (transl. - spicy), Bauskas with Skimmed Milk, Jaunpils Zelta (transl. - Jaunpils gold), Diplomāts (transl. - diplomat), Olimps (transl. - olymp);
• Cottage Cheese (whole milk - 9% and skimmed milk – 0.5% cottage cheese).

The produced cheese is from the group of semi-hard cheese, it has elastic and malleable consistence with irregularly shaped holes.

The cottage cheese is produced according to ancient Latvian traditions.

The products of JSC ‘Jaunpils pienotava’ are natural, healthy and free of food preservatives, and without any substitutes of natural products. For production there is only high quality milk, that is produced in Latvian farms, used.

The products of JSC ‘Jaunpils pienotava’ have always attracted customers with qualitative  products. The price quality relationship is highly valued by customers. Besides the superior quality, taste and visual appearance of the products, JSC ‘Jaunpils pienotava’ cheese is distinguished from Tilsit - type industrially produced cheese by the additionally great value that is added by every peace being hand made

JSC ‘Jaunpils pienotava’ is the owner of trademarks for ‘Jaunpils Zelta’, ‘Bauskas’ and ‘Kurzemes’ cheese that are the most demanded of the cheeses produced by JSC ‘Jaunpils pienotava’.

JSC ‘Jaunpils pienotava’ is owned 100% by Cooperative Society of Agricultural Services CSAS ‘Piena ceļš’ (transl. - milky way) with currently 85 milk producers in it and with this it is fair to say that products of JSC ‘Jaunpils pienotava’ is a product of the Latvian farmers.

Continuously there are resources in development invested and in 2011 the foundation-stone for a new cheese production plant was set. With the realization of this project the production capacity will be doubled and more ways to improve efficiency in the milk processing will be introduced.

This year the second phase of the project will be launched resulting in new buildings for logistics and a warehouse, the current production sites will be reconstructed and modernized in order to start production of new products, also the laboratories will be supplied with more modern and precise equipment.

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